Touch by Touch (2015) is a low-budget work with few characters that portray high significance and professionalism. It shows bold […]

Antebellum is an American horror film that attempts to interweave the webs of fright, history, politics, and fantasy into a […]

Usually, the standard of the franchise that is set by the first movie cannot be topped by its sequel. But […]

Bagi yang gemar menonton filem aksi ketenteraan, sudah pasti anda pernah menonton filem-filem buatan Hollywood seperti Dunkirk, 1917 dan Saving […]

Industri animasi di Malaysia sememangnya telah lama bercambah sejak beberapa dekad dahulu. Sering dipaparkan di kaca televisyen, di komik-komik bacaan […]

This is the third time a superhero is portraying the role of Sherlock Holmes. It started with Robert Downey Jr. […]

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