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Wayang123 is one of the best online mov ie providers on the Internet today. You will be happy with all the great features that are offered by this interesting website. Many people visit our website every day because they want to watch movies online. There are many reasons why our website is popular among many customers now. When you have any questions about our service, you can always contact us at any time you want. We will try our best to deliver the best service quality for all customers from all around the world.


Benefits of Visiting Our Website

A lot of movie categories

 There are a lot of movie genres and categories that are available on the Wayang123 website. You can choose your favorite movie genre based on your preferences. Some examples of these movie genres may include drama, adventure, action, comedy, family, fantasy, science fiction, etc. Wayang123 will always update its movie categories regularly. You will get some additional movie categories every month. If you want to have any ideas about some new movie categories or genres, you can always call us to ask about our available movie genres that are available for you.


Backed up by fast servers

This is another reason why our website is popular among many movie lovers. We don’t want to make you wait for too long for our movies to be loaded. Our website is backed up by our fast servers. You can watch any of your favorite movies online smoothly without having to get any lag issues. It is very convenient for you to watch any movies from your laptop or mobile devices. We always update our servers regularly for offering the best watching experience for our customers.


Completely free for everyone

We are happy to offer the best experience for all customers who are looking for a free movie online. It is completely free for you to get access to any of our movie collections. There is no credit card required to register yourself on this website. You can read our instructions, so you can register yourself on our website easily. The registration process doesn’t take too much of your time. You only need to register your email address, so we can notify you when you can get access to some free movies every day.


Updated regularly

Wayang123 is the best place for you who want to watch movies online. We always update our movie collection regularly, so you will get new movies every day. Don’t forget to visit Wayang123 every day, especially if you want to know all the available new movies for you. Regular updates are available for all members without additional cost. You don’t have to look for other websites when you want to watch any of your favorite new movies. We always want to offer the best movie viewing experience for all customers.


All movies come with the trailer

All movies on our website come with trailers. These trailers are very useful to help you decide which movie you are going to watch during your spare time. These trailers are available for all users for free without additional costs. You don’t have to visit any other websites when you want to take a look at these trailers. It is very convenient for you to watch both movies and trailers from the same website at Wayang123. You can also read the movie description that is available on this website before you start watching your favorite movies. This movie description will give you a big picture of any movies on our website.


Notifications from Wayang123

If you are interested in following all new movies from our website, you should sign up for getting notifications from us. All notifications will appear on your browser whenever we release some new movies on our website. By watching these notifications, you will know where to watch movies online on our website. You will never miss your great opportunities to watch new movies every day. It is very easy and convenient for you to watch your favorite movies from Wayang123. You can simply press the notification button for activating the notification system from Wayang123.


Contact Wayang123 at any time you want

There are many other benefits that we would like to offer our customers. Once you are ready to watch your favorite movies, you can visit Wayang123 now. Our website is backed by our professional customer service. You can contact our customer service when you have any problems with our free movie service. Our customer representatives are always there to help you find the right answers for your solutions. We are available for 24 hours every day, so you can get access to our customer service at any time you want.


We offer several ways to contact us. You can contact us via email, our social media sites (including Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram), and also our contact form here. It is very easy and fast for you to contact us at any time you want. Don’t forget to contact us to ask for some new movies that you love to watch at Wayang123. We will be very happy to solve any of your problems when watching your favorite movies here. We will try our best to deliver the best service quality for all customers, so you can enjoy your watching experience on our website at Wayang123.


Wayang123 can be the best place for you who want to watch any of your favorite movies on the Internet. We always want to deliver the best experience for all of our customers. You can contact us to ask about any improvements that you would like to see from our website. We will be very happy to deliver the best efforts to fulfill any of your needs. Wayang123 can offer a comfortable and convenient watching movie experience for all customers. You can get access tao our movie collections from your handphone, tablets, laptops, or other mobile devices.