Wayang123 FAQs

What is Wayang123

Wayang123 is a website that was built to give people access to free movies. It is one of the most reliable websites in Asia where one can stream and download free movies. It has movies in different categories that one can choose from based on their preference. Some of the popular ones that you can check when you get on this platform are science fiction, Animation, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, adventure, drama, and many more.


What quality of movies do you have?

At Wayang123, we only have both SD and HD movies that come in 360p, 480p, 720P, and 1080P. While streaming or downloading any movie, you can choose any of these two options based on your bandwidth and the amount of data you have on your streaming device.


How do I get a movie I need from your Wayang123?

The easiest way of getting the movie you need is by using the search feature that is in on top of the main menu. You can also look through the various movie categories, that’s if you know the category where your movie falls.


What do I do if I don’t find the movie I am looking for?

As Wayang123, we don’t claim to be having every movie that exists on planet earth – there are millions of movies in circulation today, and we don’t claim to have them all. However, if there is a specific movie you need and you don’t find it on our platform, you can contact us so that we add it to our movies list.


How much do I pay to watch movies on this site?

All the movies on this website are free and do not require any subscription. However, you can support us by using any of the Ads on this website that you find of use to your needs.


What does Wayang123 make if they give us the movies for free?

The primary source of income for our website is Google Adsense. So, the best way you can support us so that we keep providing your favorite movies is through using any of the Ads you see on the site.


How do you watch movies on Wayang123?

To watch movies on this platform,  choose the movie you love and simply click on the watch. If you don’t know what the movie is about, there is an option of choosing to watch the trailer first so that you get to see the highlights of the movie you are about to watch. 


What should I do if the movie stops playing?

If you are streaming a movie on our platform and it stops playing abruptly or gets stuck, we recommend you to check your network and make sure it’s working properly. To reduce the burden on your network, you may also choose to stream a movie with a lower quality so that you reduce the required bandwidth to stream the movie. For instance, streaming a 1080p movie requires more bandwidth than a 720p movie.


I can’t watch the movies properly on my smartphone, what should I do?

To get the best movie experience on your smartphone, you need to use our mobile application to access the movies. The mobile app is optimized to display the movies to fit into the display of your mobile device that you are using to stream the content. Our main website is more suitable if you are streaming using a laptop or desktop computer.


Do movies on Wayang123 have subtitles?

Subtitles are available for some movies and may not be available for others. However, if you feel like you need the subtitles, you can download the movie on your pc and then use the VLC player to download the subtitles.


I only have the audio and no video, What should I do?

If you don’t seem to get the video of the movie, you may have to reload the site or your mobile app. This will refresh all the content of the movie, so the video should be able to play now.


Can I watch movies without a mobile app?

Yes, it is possible to watch any of our movies without a mobile app. Simply visit our website using a pc or mobile devices, and you will have all the movies on this platform at your disposal. However, we recommend using a mobile app if you intend to stream via a mobile device.


Where do you get your movies from?

We source our movies from various sources, one of those being Netflix.


Are movies on this website available for all countries?

Yes, all the content we have on Wayang123 is available for anyone in any country around the world. So, no matter where you are, you should be able to stream movies on this site unless your country has some restrictions regarding watching free movies. If you are having any issues streaming our content, please contact our customer support team for assistance.


Do you have movies released before 2011?

As per now, the movies we have on this site are those released after 2011. Any movie that was released before 2011 can be availed on request when you contact our support team.


Do I have to sign in to watch movies on Wayang123?

No, you can get started watching movies without having to register with us. You simply have to select a movie and click the “watch now” button. The movie will be loaded immediately, and you can watch it in the resolution of your choice.


Why am I redirected to another page when I click the movie I want to watch?

Whenever you click the “watch now” button, you will be automatically redirected to another webpage that contains Ads. You can either choose to use the Ads or come back to the tab that has your movie. These Ads are our source of revenue. They are the reason we can stay in business providing you all the great movies for free.