Terms to Use

Last Updated: 16 September 2020

The document is about terms of use of Wayang123, a free movie online platform, and rules there are applicable to all the users. This document is an electronic record and created by the developers and doesn’t require any digital signature for reassurance. 

This document is a legal agreement between the user (you) of the service and Wayang123 entertainment movies online website. The terms of use of the service are defined below. If you agree to continue browsing this website, then you are subjected to the terms of use, you consent and undertake to abide by the rules and bound to the privacy policy accessible at https://wayang123.com/ and any other terms or rules defined and governed by the website developers. If you do not agree to the terms of use and are not ready to abide by the rules, you are not entitled to avail and use the entertainment services of Wayang123 free online movie platform and thereafter shall be considered as an unauthorized entity. 

The term ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the developers or owner of the website while the term ‘you’ refers to the user of the website. 


Our Service & Acceptance Policy

Wayang123 entertainment movies online website is regulated by the entertainment act of the region and provides legally uploaded movies to the users. 

Wayang123 entertainment movies online website ‘https://wayang123.com/’ is an interactive platform for the users that provide entertainment of,

  • Movies
  • Animated Films
  • International Content
  • Documentaries
  • Movies on Demand Service

The website is also subjected to third-party content to provide content by integrating the services of other websites like gaming ads and allow access to their content directly. The Third-Party Content ads are included in our services. 

The content at Wayang123 online movie platform is available to users in different modes at the discretion of the owner of the website. The services include a movie on-demand, free online movie link and download option for offline viewing. 

In the case of the download content, please note that:

  1. There is not a specific button available for downloading the content, but you can download it by using third-party applications like IDM (Internet Download Manager) and other downloading tools. 
  2. Depending on the internet availability, bandwidth, and other technical issues, the website may not be available at some geographical locations. 
  3. The users must agree and acknowledge that Wayang123 free movie online platform may use specific methods or technologies to monitor the activities of users and can display custom advertisements or commercials during the movie. 

The developers are very concerned about the quality of the service and have the rights to improve the quality of entertainment from time to time. Wayang123 online movie platform updates the system compatibility to improve the experience, and as a result, our website is now compatible with,

  • The latest version of Opera 
  • The latest version of Safari and Google Chrome
  • Works smoothly on Internet Explorer
  • When Cookies Enabled on Firefox

Depending on the compatibility, the users can also access the website using cell phones or tablets. 


Use of Services 

The services are only available for adults (at least 18 years old) and if you are underage, then you may access the website under the supervision of adults. We also have an exclusive section for kids and child-friendly content. However, the children should only access the website when an adult is supervising the browsing; otherwise, we will not be responsible for consequences. 


Wayang123 has the rights to categorize and classify the content and provide disclaimers about the content. The users have the option to choose the content which they like for viewing. Some content is controversial and not suitable for minors because of explicit nude scenes, and therefore viewers discretion is advised. Some content may be inappropriate in accordance with the law, and thus adults must exercise discretion before allowing the children to access this type of content on the website. The viewers access to the services and content is subjected to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and rules & regulations defined by the site owner. 


Use of Personal Information 

By availing our free of cost online movie entertainment services and sending any personal information to the site developers, you agree and understand that your information can be utilized to improve the quality of service and may be used by third-party developers when required. Your personal information will be used to communicate with you via email or other messages. Wayang123 support office may contact you for,

  • Feedback regarding the service

To contact you about latest movie updates or changes in Terms of Use please note that, you agree not to share any information/content that,

  • Belongs to some other person and who is unaware of your account creation
  • Is harassing, pornographic, invasive of other’s privacy, blasphemous and unlawful in any manner. 
  • Patent or trademarked by some other website.


Reviews & Comments

Users have an opportunity to share their views about movies and other content. Users can post collectively or individually. They can comment, post a photo or publish a review regarding the content directly but in doing so, be sure to agree to any and all applicable laws about the privacy of other viewers as well as rules and regulations defined by the site developers.  

Wayang123 online movie platform has the right to modify or delete the comment or review according to the usage policy. Just be sure to read the following terms of use about the reviews and comments if you want to publish any. You must post comment/review/information that:

  1. Has copyright material or belongs to another person
  2. Is gross, harmful, racist, objectionable, ethically devastating, unlawful or encourage corruption in any manner
  3. Harms other’s privacy
  4. Patent or trademarked by some other party
  5. Contains virus or harmful code that will destroy the data and functions of service
  6. Threatens the moral values of society and influences the minds of young souls negatively. 

The users hereby agreed that they are willing to compromise their privacy and Wayang123 free movies online platform will not assume any responsibility in case of any privacy violation. 

The website may have some articles contributed by individuals related to the content and movies published on the website. 


Advertisement Policy 

Wayang123 online movie platform offers advertisement services to third party users, and we allow the site owners to place the ads directly by following up with our support centre. 

The users can simply overlook the ads but in any case, if they choose to click the ad and find any suspicious file or virus that website developers will not be held responsible in any case.  


How to Watch Online Movies at Wayang123

The website is very simple to navigate because the theme is specially designed to host an entertainment website. The movies are categorized according to genre, year, and country. To play a movie, the method is very steep and elegant. It’s a two-step method to watch your desired movie.

  1. Open the website and browse the desired content
  2. Click on the movie and hit the play button

Just like that, you’re all set to go, or you can watch the trailer first to see if the movie is really worth your time. The users have the options to change the quality of the movie (available in 320p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) and subtitles according to their choice. You can also share your movie with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. 


Third-Party Content Restrictions 

Wayang123 free watch online movie website regulates the third-party services very carefully and provides ads related to,

  • Video Content
  • Online Games 
  • Online Casino Entertainment
  • Other Advertisements

While playing online, you agree that our website will not utilize your personal information and is not responsible for the accuracy or authenticity of the games you are playing. The games may be subject to their own code of conduct and may require extra information. If you agree to provide this information to the other websites that Wayang123 is not responsible for any mishap. The following are rules of conduct to play online games through our website,

  1. Some games are free to play and don’t require any money to avail the service
  2. You may have to sign up for some games but be responsible if you agree to provide personal information
  3. Casino games may require some payment in order to place bets but check the authenticity before providing your credit information


Wayang123 watch online movie website has no obligation or superiority to any third-party content provider and hence, doesn’t have specific knowledge about their code of conduct. Our developers try their best to screen quality content for the users and may review content from time to time or when complaints are received about specific content. 

The users can send their recommendations or suggestions to improve the quality of service and other messages through support email, and Wayang123 online movie platform will look into your requests as soon as possible. 


Contact our support services at Wayang123 if you have any questions related to our terms of use. Submit your question and wait for our response.